The Cowboys Should Train Greg Hardy on Social

May 4, 2015

The Dallas Cowboys’ Defensive End, Greg Hardy is making it hard for his new team. Hardy who is already enduring a 10-game suspension for a domestic violence case, made a poor decision to take to Twitter joking about the terrorist attacks on September 11.

Mr. Hardy was socially responding to a fan of his former team, the Carolina Panthers after the Panthers’ drafted a big-and-tall wide receiver for the second year in a row. The fan referred to the two receivers as “The Twin Towers,” to which Mr. Hardy tweeted: “didn’t the twin towers get blowN up lol.”

Nothing about the terrorists attack on this country is LOL. Nothing.

Hardy apologized. ”Ill say this I apologize 4a comment that mentioned an event where no reference 2humor is ever ok but I hope my real fans know I would never.”

Although the tweet was deleted, nothing on the Internet on social media is ever really gone.

Days later, Mr. Hardy took to Twitter posting a “Goodbye 4ever,” eluding that he was done with social media. But not so fast,’s Tim MacHahon responded to the adios Tweet, “Cowboys sure hope so.” Hardy not so adsent or silent then proceeed to retweet multiple fan’s reponses to McHanhon which featured a litany of colorful implied expletives. Ugh.

In light of Mr. Hardy’s past and the need to keep him headed down the right path toward the endzone, perhaps the Cowboys might want to impose some serious social media compliance training for him.

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