October 31, 2017



Social Media Sports Management and Franklin Global’s Exclusive Partnership Brings State of the Social Media Forensics to Collegiate and Professional Sports.

LOS ANGELES, CA (October 30, 2017) – Committed to mitigating risk and positively impacting the social media culture in athletics, Social Media Sports Management (SM2) and Franklin Global, Inc. announced an exclusive sports partnership as part of the National Social Media Initiative in Athletics to bring digital intelligence strategies and tools to the collegiate and professional sports industry.

“I don’t know one executive or coach that wouldn’t want to really look under the hood of a potential candidate to understand how to hire better, recruit better, draft better or influence better. Not to mention avoiding potential behavioral landmines,” stated Carrie Cecil, CEO of SM2. “I love social networking tools as they have changed the way we freely communicate, share information and safeguard our brands!”

“We believe in the integrity of what SM2 is doing to empower athletic leaders in the digital space, thus our partnership brings the highest level of reliability, intelligence and information to the athletic industry,” stated 20-year FBI Special Agent and Franklin Global CEO Patrick Conley. “In an era when coaches, athletic directors and sports executives are facing incredible hiring, recruiting and drafting scrutiny, we offer must-have intel to help them make informed decisions before it’s too late.”

The exclusive partnership brings state of the art social intelligence tools to the collegiate and professional athletics space to legally help identify behavioral patterns outside of the meeting room. Samples include posting that could be potentially unlawful, racist and/or demonstrations of intolerance, sexually explicit material or potentially violent behavior. And, one of the digital forensic tools the team utilizes is endorsed by the Federal Trade Commission and is FCRA and Federal and State law compliant, as well as within bounds of recruiting and hiring practices ensuring that the athletic department, institution, professional club and candidate are respected and safeguarded. These tools help to alleviate stakeholders from accusations of discrimination or violations of freedoms.

To learn more about digital forensics in collegiate athletics join Cecil and Conley during an exclusive webinar.


About Social Media Sports Management

Social Media Sports Management (SM2) protects and maximizes valuable sports brands through digital, social media and real-time communications strategies, coaching, education, tactics, empowerment and teams. SM2 is part of a national initiative designed to educate, empower and equip the athletic industry on social media. The company has offices in Los Angeles; Charleston, South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee.

About Franklin Global Inc.

Franklin Global, Inc. is a global security, intelligence and investigative firm providing services to law firms, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and private clients. With decades of experience in (federal, local and individual) matters, Franklin Global’s investigations and intelligence analytics provide real-world risk mitigation to their clients. The firm’s exclusive digital analytic tools assist in gathering in-depth information used to develop appropriate strategies in response to their client’s needs. Based in Santa Monica California, the firm was founded in 2014 by CEO Patrick Conley following a 20-year career in FBI and 17-year career on the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) where he served as Team Commander and Team Leader.

About The National Social Media Initiative in Athletics

The National Social Media Initiative in Athletics is a founding movement dedicated to establishing a standard of digital excellence by championing foundational education, providing best practices, necessary tools, policies and procedures to empower, equip and mitigate risk in the lives of athletic stakeholders and their constituents. The pioneering resource teams are committed to positively impacting the climate of social media in athletics.

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