Sports Entities

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Worried your athlete or employee may accidentally disparage themselves or your brand on social media? We can help.

Recommended by The National Social Media Initiative, we deliver the most relevant social media education customized for the NCAA, individual professional sports leagues, and AAU core values and best-practices. Our 47-minute programs follow state and federal guidelines while training your members to adhere to legal and fair social media best-practices. Our compulsory program with certification checks the box on mitigating risk and cultivating positive digital health for your brand.


In Person Training Sessions

Our 55-minute on-campus sessions are customized for athletes, coaches & staff. The training engages with interactivity, entertainment and audience building. Educational standards illustrate how decision-making and behavioral changes become more purposeful with positive empowerment sessions. Our team has trained thousands of players and coaches to ensure that our client’s teams are not sidelined due to social media misuse.