Seattle’s Bruce Irvin Needs Social Media Training

May 5, 2015

“Faced way tougher adversity getting outta them streets coming up!” Bruce Irvin from the Seattle Seahawks tweeted Monday a.m. “That’s s— is nothing! F— THAT OPTION!” He continued expressing his displeasure to not having his fifth-year option picked up by his team.

Probably not the first thing that his bosses wanted to read over a morning cup of Joe.

Mr. Irvin continued his expletive-filled narrative stating, “Worked for everything I got in my life this s— will b no different!” He tweeted, “I earns my keeps!”

The stellar linebacker-defensive end will most likely be back with the Seahawks, but may need to run some quick drills regarding how to approach his bosses (and future bosses) on social media.

“I’m a very blunt person and that won’t ever change,” he tweeted. “Sorry if u dislike it. Gonna teach bray [his son, Brayden] to be the same way.”

Here’s a fact: Blunt is a great form of honesty, but as a Southern gentleman once told me, “You might want to put a little honey on the end of that stick as at some point you keep bangin’ the beehive, and those bees are going to sting you.”

Social media can be taken out of context and with millions of potential followers each follower may have their own viewpoint of Mr. Irvin’s social media press conference about his fifth-year option.

When fueled by emotion social media can be detrimental for many athletes. A quick angry tweet may end up souring an otherwise awesome brand. Mr. Irvin is an amazing player and if properly educated on the do’s and don’ts of social media, he’d be a great leader to millions of kids both on and off of the field.