Questions the CEO is About to Ask You

April 21, 2015

Whether it is an athletic department or professional franchise, c-suite sports executives in conference rooms across the country are asking their internal teams real questions and demanding show-me-the-money answers regarding social media strategies.

If you are a marketing, communications, legal, operations or human resources executive, here are a few scenarios that may help you get prepared!

Marketing: How are you using digital technology and social media to tap into your fans out of your market?

Don’t count on your social media executive to answer this question for you. CMOs and other marketing executives are now expected to fully understand this technology, and be able to demo it for their bosses.
From geolocation maps to showcasing creative campaigns in action — be ready to illustrate how you’re increasing revenue from the street level to across the globe.

Communications: Is your department prepared with a strategic and tactical media plan to address a real crisis within two minutes?

If you’re not ready to respond and legally tell your story on your terms on your social media — TMZ or PFT will do it for you.

Business Affairs: Do you have a social media policy that is legally compliant, protects your brand and educates your people?

Hire a social media/digital lawyer with a specialty in athletics. The social media eco-system is changing rapidly thus ensure your stakeholders are protected by a policy that is legal, and is customized with procedures for your brand’s individual needs.

Operations: How are you utilizing your social media platforms to make your events safer and increase a positive fan experience?

Get ready to show your boss a cohesive and branded content moderation plan for key event days.

Human Resources: What type of real training are you doing to educate, assess and certify your employees and athletes on social media?

Social media training is surpassing sexual harassment training in terms of corporate, monetary and competition liability. Certification protects the stakeholders. Get your people educated and certified with customized training!
Do not show your boss a PowerPoint or hire a social media motivational “type” speaker. They will not hold up in a court of law or a court of public opinion.