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June 15, 2015



As Part of a National Initiative Designed to Educate, Empower and Equip the Sports Industry on Social Media, Social Media Sports Management (SM2) Deploys Interactive Programs, eLearning and Cloud-based Platform to Train and Protect.

LOS ANGELES (June 15, 2015) – Amid a digital age that presents as much risk as opportunity, Social Media Sports Management (SM2) today announced its initiative to protect and maximize valuable sports brands through digital, social media and real-time communications strategies, coaching, education, tactics and teams.

Created by a team of digital, legal, educational, social media, security, production, collegiate and professional sports industry veterans, SM2 delivers social media education, training and certification customized for collegiate and professional athletics.

“We are incredibly grateful to our partners and athletic advisers for helping us to develop the highest quality social media courseware customized for their individual policies, requirements and goals,” announced SM2’s CEO, Carrie Gerlach Cecil. “Our team’s vision is to positively change the climate of social media in the sports industry with educational programs and tools. It’s simply the right thing to do.”

SM2’s education, training, assessment and certification includes social media framework gleaned from the United States Government and FORTUNE® 500 companies as well as valuable lessons and positive instructions amassed from collegiate and professional sports social media victories and defeats nationwide.

The customized interactive social media education and training courses with certification require less than 60 minutes to complete. Programs are customized for, but not limited to collegiate athletic departments and associations, professional football, baseball, basketball, hockey and auto racing as well as players’ associations. The education is produced in fast-paced, important and engaging two- to eight-minute category segments and is self-paced, so participants don’t have to complete all training at once. Upon successful conclusion a Certificate of Completion is provided to the user and employer.

Maintaining a record of who has been educated and trained allows constituents to be prepared in the event of a dispute, investigation or public relations issue.

“Social media is a tremendous way to communicate, but users must understand the benefits and risks to lives, careers and destinies,” Cecil added. “In the 10-plus years since Mr. Zuckerberg designed Facebook, very few people have understood the possible forever impact that social media can have on reputations, revenue and futures from just a handful of keystrokes. Our training is designed help our partners understand those nuances and have a more successful future both online and off.”

The programs can be completed in-house, led by the SM2’s team of trainers including 12-year NFL veteran, Will Witherspoon, or implemented through SM2’s proprietary Cloud-based Learning Platform (CBLP). The user-friendly CBLP enables confidential year-round education and training on any modern, Internet-ready device.

Social media training has become necessary to protect corporate liability and prevent life- and career-changing mistakes. To learn more about social media training and how you can protect your teams, you can visit


About Social Media Sports Management

Social Media Sports Management (SM2) protects and maximizes valuable sports brands through digital, social media and real-time communications strategies, coaching, education, tactics, empowerment and teams. Tailored to protect and drive revenue to the billion-dollar sports industry, SM2 offers customized, full-service social media and digital solutions to avoid tomorrow’s crisis and increase today’s value. Uniquely positioned with decades of sports experience and trusted relationships, SM2 understands the complex and individual needs of its clients. SM2’s preeminent sports-tailored tools are designed to train, contain, manage and leverage the social media madness. SM2 is part of a national initiative designed to educate, empower and equip the athletic industry on social media. The company has offices in Los Angeles; Charleston, South Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; and St. Louis.

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