5-PR Tips To Making Your Social Media Press Conference Worthy

February 13, 2018

5-PR Tips To Making Your Social Media Press Conference Worthy

Whether you’re competing on the field, working on the sidelines or in the office, your social media is a giant stage set for a global press conference.

Here’s 5 PR tips to help you keep your social media press conference worthy.

Respect Others: Throwing a virtual punch on social media can be as detrimental to your future as a physical punch. Don’t respond or react in an aggressive way even when antagonized online. Try to be respectful of others on social media even when they may not be respectful of you.
Obey the Law: As digital citizens it’s important to not only abide by federal, state and local laws but by the laws and codes of conduct of your institution, program or employer. Be a positive virtual ambassador for your teammates, coaches, program or employer.
Be Smart: Being smart on the internet includes posting smart. Take a minute before you post to make sure what you’re saying reflects your character, your education, teammates, institution, program or employer – and what you want in the future. Don’t get beat in the short game on social media.
Accept Differences: Although social media is a great way to be social and express your personal views, remember your personal views are now on a giant stage in front of potentially millions of people. Those people may have different political or religious beliefs, racial differences or sexual orientation than you. Be committed to tolerance and diversity on social media.
Be accountable: Being accountable for what you say and do on social media is a valuable principle to help you be successful online. You and you alone are accountable for how you step up to your virtual podium and reach the audience. Be accountable today to help you achieve your goals for tomorrow.

Remember, when in doubt, always pause before you post, and keep it press conference worthy.