4 Time Saving Tips for Posting on Social Media

March 21, 2018

Do you feel like you’re drinking from a firehose all day and don’t really have the time to post on social media? Us too! Thus, we put together 4 quick social media time management tips & tools to help you save time.

1. Hootsuite

It’s free for a basic plan.

Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social networking platforms, schedule content and reach your audience at the right time! Hallelujah. We look at Hootsuite as our online workout once a week to schedule important content that we know needs to engage our audience. It’s terrific to proactively schedule posts for any time of the day or night to communicate with your current audience, potential employers, constituents, clients and more!

2. TweetDeck

Again, it’s free.

TweetDeck is a dashboard to help you better manage your Twitter accounts. Like Hootsuite, it works to schedule Tweets as well as send and receive Tweets. You’re also able to view profiles, create columns and reorder the columns with specific #hashtags and more. Check it out for Twitter. Yes, social media is supposed to be organic, but if you’re uber-duber busy and know you need to engage your audience with specific news or updates – this is a great way to do it on Twitter.

3. Facebook Scheduling

Again, it’s free!

Here’s a fantastic way to proactively use Facebook. Facebook scheduling takes about 10-minutes of your morning to schedule strategic posts with positive narratives to reach your audience throughout the day. Scheduling posts will help share your great content and improve engagement in a time effective manner. Keep in mind, when scheduling posts, turn on the notifications to get updates during the day! You’ll be able to comment in real time.

4. IFTTT (If This Than That)

Yes, it’s free too!

This might be the greatest time management social media tool! If you have multiple social networking platforms and are freakin’ busy and don’t want to repost over and over on different networks, IFTTT is for you! It is a website and a mobile app that allows you to connect your favorite social networking apps with personalized “recipes” that create work flows from one app to the other. Make sure and be strategic about mapping out the connections between your social networks, and double check posts to ensure images, etc. get sent across social sites the way you want them. It’s cool and has many more features, but for social and time conservation, it rocks.

Okay, you’re busy – Us too. So we hope this helps you save some valuable time.